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Have you heard?

There is a revolution in yoga

Yoga Anatomy Magic is a yoga revolution that was created by Christa Rypins to share true healing

Meet Christa

As a young child, Christa Rypins found her calling in the performing arts. Her dedication, willpower, and focus lead her to the world stage as the only ever woman juggler on ice.

After almost two decades of performing with world class shows, the intense training and physical demands eventually took a toll on her body and left her in chronic pain. In 1998, thyroid cancer ended Christa’s performing career. This intensified her focus on creating physical, mental, and emotional balance. Seeking relief, Christa turned to Yoga, Pilates, Somatic Movement, Zen Meditation, and the Franklin Method of imagery.

Christa’s quest for healing was realized in her own body. Her experience inspired her to share her knowledge of healing with others. She became a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher, Pilates instructor and Franklin Method Educator. She created personalized routines that relieve pain, build core strength, increase flexibility and open the door to change in any area of life.

Christa is the founder of Intelligent Body Movement Studio in Murphys, California, and Yoga Anatomy Magic.


What is This?

Do you want to make real money as a yoga teacher?

Yes. The answer is yes. You want to make real money as a yoga teacher, earn a great living, and share this gift of yoga. Now, do you want to know what is keeping you from it?




Yes, we said rules. Rules are what are keeping you from having a thriving yoga teaching career. Join Christa in the yoga revolution that will change all of that.
Click here for a free mini course with Christa. She gives away one of the biggest secrets.


The Courses

Do you want to heal people?

Yes. You want to heal people, and we are going to show you how.


Yoga Anatomy Magic is a community of Yoga teachers, students, and individuals focused on understanding the body and true healing.


The Yoga Anatomy Magic Course is a 4 level training and certification program for Yoga Teachers.

Each level is an in-depth training including Anatomy, Function, and Imagery as applied in an instructional context.

The course materials include video lessons, video exercises, worksheets, live video workshops, in-person retreats, group discussion forums, and someone is always available to answer a question.


Live Video Workshops

Are you interested in participating in a live video workshop with Christa?

We frequently offer free workshops from the Yoga Anatomy Magic program.

You get a chance to ask questions and experience a taste of the magic in person.

To participate, register for one of the upcoming live video workshops being offered.


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