with Christa Rypins
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You asked. We listened.

3 Yoga Misconceptions Live Video Workshop IS BACK!

(so fun… you asked for more!)


  • To make REAL MONEY as a Yoga Teacher?
  • Yes!  And, realize what limited me. 
  • To REALLY HEAL people?
  • Yes! And heal, not only my students, but myself.

Watch pain melt away, like MAGIC.

Yup, you get ALL THIS ( and so much more) in this live workshop.

Join me, I will show you how.

What do you get:

A taste of the revolution

The revolution in Yoga is coming. It starts here.


 I go in depth into the

3 Yoga Misconceptions

that keep teachers and students

in tension, pain, and injury.

You will be just amazed at how simple the solutions are,

and astonished at how quickly pain melts away.

It’s like Magic.

*No Joke*


Pain and tension simply vanish from your body

when you understand these 3 key concepts.


Because you loved it so much,

the workshop is entirely interactive.

Bring me your questions.

I will answer them individually.

We will also do some movement, so wear comfortable clothes!

I can’t wait to see you,

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